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  • Thousand of people lose or misplace their personal or business belongings every day.
  • They leave their credit card at a restaurant, their laptop in the airport, their cell phone in a taxi, and their briefcase on the airplane.
  • Now there's a way to dramatically increase the likelihood that you will recover your lost or misplaced property when you register with Call If Found.com

Easy as 1, 2, 3


  • When you register, you will  receive 30 labels to place on all of your property. The labels have the following information. Our website, our phone number and your personal membership number.
  • When you're property is found, the person calls our number and then we call you. This process keeps your personal information private and not in someone else's hands. Your personal information is not disclosed.

    It's only $9.99 per year or o less than per month, paid annually.

    Call If Found is an American Heir, Inc. service.

11111 W. 95th Street, Suite 245
Overland Park, KS 66214

Toll Free 1 877 775-5007

Safe and Secure


  • Your personal identity is sacred and is protected by "Call If Found.com"
  • When we receive a call from an individual who has found your lost item, we gather their information and then contact you. We do not give them your personal information unless you direct us to do so.
  • Call 1 913 888-4347 for more information or to register today. We will begin accepting most credit and debit cards shortly.

  • SPECIAL PROMOTION: Every person who registers before February 28, 2019 will be entered into a drawing to receive a FREE AAA Membership from Call If Found.com. 


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